We’re only just at the start of hurricane season, and it’s not too late to take a second look at your home or commercial insurance policy to make sure it actually provides the coverage you think it does. Year after year, many property owners are surprised to learn that their policies don’t cover common types of damages that properties face in Florida. For most, this realization often only comes when they decide to make a claim after you’ve suffered property damage. Taking these important steps to ensure you’re covered could make all the difference if you end up filing a claim.

Check Your Policy

Due to the current state of Florida property insurance, insurers have taken to using any and all strategies they can to potentially deny or underpay claims, such as excluding some of the most common forms of damage from their policies. Many property owners are surprised to learn that their policy may not cover windstorms and full-water damage, two types of damage often sustained throughout hurricane season. Policies may also only provide minimal settlements, leaving policyholders with damaged properties and little to no money for repairs. Take time to double-check your coverage and deductibles so you’re not caught off guard if your property suffers any damage.

Contact a Qualified Adjuster

At times, the role of an insurance insurer can be to pay out as little as possible in claims. As such, they’ll frequently take advantage of technical insurance policy language and fine print to create stipulations that will exclude you from getting paid on your claim. Others may create lengthy and complicated processes in order to receive a fair settlement, with the goal of making a successful claim as difficult as possible. We always recommend bringing your policy to an objective expert who can inform you on what precautions you’ll need to take in order to file a successful claim, and how much you should really be entitled to for your property damage. 

Don’t Fight the Insurance Company Alone

Unfortunately, bringing in expert help is often essential to a successful claim. Despite making up only 9% of homeowners’ insurance claims, Floridians account for almost 80% of insurance litigation. Floridians are already stuck paying ever-increasing premiums, and yet are receiving less and less coverage. Honest Lion Adjusting is here to fight for your property damage. You deserve access to the coverage you paid for, and we’ll work to get it for you. Contact us today for a free insurance policy review, and to get started on the track toward a successful claim.