If you face water damage from a leak or hurricane, then you need to fix it as soon as possible. However, before work can begin, you have to get your insurance to approve your claim. Instead of accepting the often less-than-satisfactory settlement they provide, turn to the public adjusters at Honest Lion Adjusting. We can help with home and business water damage claims in Pompano Beach, FL.

We Work on Your Behalf

We know the stress and frustration you might feel at the initial water damage, the follow-up settlement the insurance company wants to provide, or even the denial of your claim altogether. When you turn to Honest Lion Adjusting, we will thoroughly evaluate your property for the source of the damage, the severity of the damage, and the level of necessary repairs.

With our previous experience as insurance adjusters, we can help you understand your insurance coverage and the ways that we can help, especially if your claim has been denied. Don’t think you have to take on the insurance company by yourself. Instead, let us help you get the coverage you deserve to repair your water damage.

We Review Your Policy for Free

Before water damage occurs, we can review your insurance coverage for free. We will help you see where your coverage limits are and educate you on what coverage is best for your situation.

We Want to Hear From You

Whether you already have water damage or want to better your water damage coverage, please call us at 844-546-6100.