Water Damage Claims Adjuster in FL

Water damage is a common problem in Florida (FL). If you’ve suffered water damage from a flood, leaking or burst pipe, cast iron pipe, washing machine leak, water supply line leak, dishwasher leak, or roof leak, and you have insurance to cover the costs, you need to talk to a water damage claims adjuster to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Honest Lion Adjusting is here to help. Contact us with your water damage claims today.

Why Hire an Adjuster?

You may think that you can simply call the insurance company on your own and get the money you need. While this might be true, in more cases than not, the process is more complex than people realize. Do you know the exact source of the water and the precise amount of damage your home has sustained? Do you know exactly what your insurance covers? Do you know the extent of damage and how much you're really owed? Allow a water damage claims adjuster at Honest Lion Adjusting to assist you through the process.

When you hire an adjuster from Honest Lion Adjusting, we’ll come to your home (or conduct a virtual inspection) and professionally assess your water damage. We and our affiliates use advanced infrared technology to find the source of the water, and we’ll determine what your policy will cover. Afterwards, we’ll help you recover the money that you are entitled to in order to repair and mitigate the damage to your home.

If your claim is denied, we will help you through this stressful process as well. Our entire goal is to help you recover from this disaster, and we won’t give up until you are satisfied and on your way to a full recovery.

Why Hire Honest Lion Adjusting?

Our staff has many years of experience in this industry. Our founder, Kevin Jean, wanted to create an adjusting company that focuses more on honesty and assisting the client. We know how the legal system and insurance companies work, so we’ll do everything in our power to help you with your claim.

Call us today at 844-546-6100 to get started, and remember: if you don’t get a recovery, you don’t pay a fee.