When your home is damaged from a natural disaster, fire, or break-in, the last thing you want to deal with is an adjuster who has been hired by the insurance company to advocate for their own best interest. A public adjuster specializes in representing policyholders like you to help negotiate insurance claims and navigate the confusing process to make sure you get the biggest payout possible for your claim.

Understanding Your Policy

Insurance salespeople are notoriously bad at explaining exactly what you’re paying for. Their job is to make the sale and move on, and consumers are left to assume that their policy works for their needs in good faith. A public adjuster can help decipher the jargon contained within your insurance policy so that you can work together to get the money you deserve. 

Not many policyholders know this, but when you call an insurance company, the person helping you on the other end of the line probably isn’t any more familiar with your policy than you are. When you call the insurance company to make a claim, the staff are trained to use proprietary estimation software that uses an algorithm to determine the amount you will be awarded. Public adjusters are familiar with the various estimating software that is available today and understand how to work within the system to affect the outcome. 

Understanding Construction

If your property is severely damaged, you may need to make extensive costly repairs, or may even be unable to immediately return home until the repairs are completed. When insurance company representatives use estimation software for your claims, they will ask a variety of questions to determine the level of damages and what they would theoretically cost to repair. With rising costs of building materials and a competitive construction market, it is unlikely that your contractor’s estimate and the insurance payout will match in your favor. 

A good public adjuster should not only be knowledgeable in insurance software and the internal claims process but they should also be experienced in the construction industry. Adjusters can accurately assess the damages to your property and the value of your lost belongings. They help prepare a claim by using the collected information to negotiate a settlement with your insurance company on your behalf to get the full value of your policy.

In Florida, our homes and property are especially at risk of damage from natural disasters, which makes it even more important to find a public adjuster to help you get the maximum payout for your claim. At Honest Lion Adjusting, we have extensive experience and work with multiple counties across the state to help policyholders like you. Contact us online to schedule a consultation today!